• The Austin Protocol Compiler

    A compiler for protocol specifications.

  • Carbon Copy

    CarbonCopy provides some tools to install largish numbers of x86 Linux machines. The tools are makeinstallroot, which sets up a root-over-NFS installation root directory, and doinstall, which partitions, installs, and configures a new machine based on backups made from a prototype machine.

  • Cascabel

    A framework for writing issue tracking systems.

  • FlexModule/BisonModule

    Two tools for making Python modules from Flex-based scanners and Bison-based parsers.

  • Horatio

    A firewall authentication tool.

  • Infernal Device

    A simple continuation-based framework for designing web applications.

  • nscc

    The NetSaint (now Nagios) Configuration Compiler (obsolete).

  • VLog

    A simple Java2ME MIDP 2.0 profile midlet for tracking vehicle mileage.

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